Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman: the beautiful Cayman Islands can be found in the western Caribbean, about 200 miles south of Cuba and 300 miles northwest of Jamaica. The islands are formed by large coral heads covering the submerged peaks of the western Cuban Sierra Maestra range, an underwater ridge known as the Cayman Ridge. The largest of these islands is Grand Cayman, approx. 80 sq miles.

Visitors to Grand Cayman can expect a wonderfully warm tropical climate, endless beautiful beaches and friendly local culture. Not to mention a huge variety of shops and restaurants; the perfect place to kick back and relax.

Grand Cayman also boasts many exciting tourist attractions, from the stark volcanic landscape of the area known as ‘Hell’, to the fantastic turtle farm where visitors can hold and pet the animals. Perhaps most famous of all, though, is the world renowned ‘Stingray City’. There are also a wide variety of hotels, bars and restaurants, for all tastes. What better way to end a day in the Caribbean than by sipping a cocktail while the sun goes down!

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