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Dunns River Falls tours: our carefully selected tour guides meet you at the ferry terminal where you get off the ship. They take you on a 10 minute bus ride up to Dunn’s River Falls, on the way they explain some of the history of Jamaica and brief you on what to expect at the falls. They then take you down to the start of the falls where people may climb or for the less nimble just observe from the many landing stages.

Guests meet at the top of the falls and are then escorted back through the entrance avoiding the craft market.

If you have a few minutes during your Dunns River Falls Tours (recommended) ask for Mr. Brown, the dedicated gardener, for his special tour. With his big smile and quirky ways, have him show you his plantation garden. Learn about herbs and spices, and the old colonial history. With his quick wit and funny disposition you will thoroughly enjoy spending time with him.

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When you are ready it’s a short walk back to the terminal or one of our staff can give you a lift back.

Moby Dick Tours looks forward to you having a hassle free Dunn’s River Jamaica experience. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do providing it.

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